Growatt New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, focusing on providing solar inverters and system solutions for the global market. Until now, Growatt has reached over 2.5GW installation worldwide, famous as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective solar inverters with high efficiency.As the first Asian inverter supplier awarded with A+ by Photon Lab, Growatt never stops striving for higher efficiency of inverter.

Growatt 2.5 -5.5 MTL-S



  • Transformerless design making it lighter and easier to install and maintain
  • High inverter efficiency
  • Dual MPPT for efficient inverter functioning
  • Flexible communication connection supporting RF,ethernet and WLAN
  • 5 years product warranty



Download Inverter Datasheet : Growatt 2.5 – 5.5 MTL-S

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