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Jolywood is a leading solar company that has made significant strides in advancing solar technology and driving the global renewable energy revolution. Founded in 2008, Jolywood has emerged as a key player in the photovoltaic industry, specializing in the research, development, and production of high-efficiency solar panels. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability has solidified their position as a trusted provider of solar solutions worldwide.

1. Advanced Solar Cell Technology:
Jolywood is renowned for its breakthrough solar cell technology. Their N-type bifacial solar cells feature a unique design that maximizes energy capture from both the front and rear sides of the panel. This results in increased energy yield and higher overall system efficiency, making Jolywood panels an ideal choice for maximizing solar power generation.

2. Superior Quality and Reliability:
Jolywood places a strong emphasis on quality and reliability. Their solar panels undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict international standards, ensuring top-notch performance and durability. Customers can have peace of mind, knowing they are investing in high-quality solar panels that will provide long-lasting benefits.

3. Bifacial Solar Panels for Enhanced Performance:
Jolywood’s bifacial solar panels offer enhanced performance, capturing sunlight not only from the front but also from the reflected light on the rear side. This feature significantly boosts energy production, making Jolywood panels highly efficient even in varying environmental conditions.

4. Environmentally Conscious Solutions:
Jolywood is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their solar panels are manufactured using eco-friendly processes, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, and promoting clean energy adoption.

Jolywood Niwa Black Series 415W All-Black N-Type.

  • An amazing 21.25% module efficiency
  • An amazing 21.25% module efficiency
  • Higher power input even under low-light conditions
  • Excellent power generation performance, with a 0~+5W power output tolerance
  • -0.30% temperature coefficient, meaning higher power generation under working conditions, minimising generation loss as temperature rises
  • Zero LID (Light Induce Degradation) with the use of the latest Jollywood J-TOPCon 2.0 technology, only 0.4% annual degradation
  • Built to last with a 25 Year product warranty
  • Linear power warranty guaranteeing at least 87.4% performance after 30 Years
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