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Goodwe is a leading global renewable energy solutions provider, committed to driving the adoption of clean energy technologies worldwide. Established in 2010, the company has rapidly emerged as a key player in the solar inverter industry, with a strong focus on research and development, manufacturing, and providing exceptional customer service. Goodwe’s mission is to make clean energy accessible to all, empowering individuals, and businesses to embrace sustainable energy solutions.

1. Advanced Technology: Goodwe is at the forefront of inverter technology innovation. Their inverters are equipped with advanced MPPT algorithms, ensuring maximum energy harvesting from solar panels. The result is higher energy production and improved system efficiency.

2. High Efficiency and Performance: Goodwe inverters boast high conversion efficiency, minimizing energy losses during power conversion. This translates to increased energy output and faster return on investment for solar system owners.

3. Robust and Reliable: Goodwe prioritizes product quality and reliability. Their inverters undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international standards, providing peace of mind and long-lasting performance for solar installations.

4. Comprehensive Product Range: Goodwe offers a comprehensive range of inverters tailored to various applications, from small residential setups to large-scale commercial projects. Their product portfolio caters to diverse solar energy needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

5. Smart Monitoring and Control: Goodwe provides advanced monitoring solutions, allowing you to keep track of your solar system’s performance in real-time. With user-friendly interfaces and data visualization, you can make informed decisions about your energy consumption.

6. Global Reach and Support: Goodwe operates globally and has established a strong service network to support customers across the world. Their dedicated technical team provides expert guidance on system design, installation, and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Experience the benefits of Goodwe inverters and explore their diverse product range. For top-notch solar solutions, reliable service, and expert support, contact us.

SDT G2 Series 5-20kW

  • Up to 98.4% max. efficiency
  • 150% DC input oversizing & 110% AC output overloading
  • Arc-fault circuit interrupter optional
  • Easy installation and O&M
  • Weight 15.0
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