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Longi Solar, established in 2000, is a leading global manufacturer of high-efficiency solar panels, renowned for its commitment to technological innovation and exceptional product quality. As a pioneer in monocrystalline solar cell and module technology, Longi Solar has revolutionized the solar industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications worldwide.

1. Technological Leadership and Innovation:
Longi Solar’s dedication to research and development has positioned them as a trailblazer in solar technology. Their focus on monocrystalline cell advancements has led to record-breaking solar panel efficiencies, ensuring customers benefit from higher energy yields and superior performance.

2. Top-Notch Quality and Reliability:
Longi Solar is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities employ rigorous quality control processes, ensuring every solar panel meets the highest industry standards. This commitment to excellence has garnered trust from customers globally.

3. High-Efficiency Solar Panels:
Longi Solar’s monocrystalline solar panels are designed to deliver outstanding efficiency levels, making them an ideal choice for maximizing energy production in limited roof spaces. Their advanced technology ensures optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions.

4. Environmentally Responsible Solutions:
Longi Solar is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Through constant optimization of their manufacturing processes and energy-saving initiatives, they prioritize reducing their carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly solar energy adoption.

5. Global Impact and Industry Recognition:
Longi Solar’s panels have made a significant impact in advancing solar energy adoption worldwide. Their contributions to the solar industry have earned them numerous accolades, positioning them as a trusted and respected player in the global solar market.


  • Suitable for ground power plants and large C&I projects
  • High module conversion efficiency (up to 21.2%)
  • Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology: first year < 2%, 0.45% year 2-30
  • Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency
  • M6 Gallium-doped wafer, 9-busbar Half-cut cell
  • Globally validated bifacial energy yield
  • 12-year warranty for materials and processing, 30-year warranty for extra linear power output.
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