When an electricity bill is provided to Just Energy, an energy assessment is done to identify the electricity usage patterns.  Once this is established feedback is provided to the client with savings strategies that is best suited to the client’s needs.  If solar PV is recommended, Just Energy will design a PV system that maximises the best size to saving ratio.  Just Energy abides by CEC standards when calculating the savings to ensure all customers have an accurate saving potential outlook.  Other energy efficient products may also be recommended for our clients benefit.


01. Appointment & Sign up

We will discuss the products, roof arrangement and we will provide you with quote or sign a contract to get you saving.

02. Installation

Once the contract is signed, a 10% deposit is taken and we schedule an installation date. On the day of install we collect final payment.

03. Inspection

An inspector comes out usually within 3-5 days after installation, issues a Certificate of Electrical Safety and switches your system ON .

04. SMART Meter and Feed-in

We lodge all paperwork to your retailer. Installation or programming of your SMART Meter is completed (your retailer may charge you a fee).

05. Feedback & Checkup

We provide a high level of service to our customers, by performing regular checks and asking for feedback.

[mk_steps title=”Consultation” step=”5″ hover_color=”#ef9013″ icon_1=”mk-li-notepad” title_1=”Preliminary Bill Analysis ” desc_1=”A detailed energy assessment will be performed to study the electricity consumption of the customer with the help of a quarterly bill provided ” icon_2=”mk-li-notepad” title_2=”Site Visit ” desc_2=”Post analysis of the bill , a site visit would be conducted where required to further understand the energy requirements of the customer ” icon_3=”mk-li-notepad” title_3=”Rooftop Scoping and PV system design ” desc_3=”Based on the energy assessment performed , the PV system will be designed and the roof will be scoped to ensure that the system can be installed ” icon_4=”mk-li-notepad” title_4=”JustEnergy Assessment report ” desc_4=”A comprehensive report will be presented to the customer, outlining their electricity consumption and will advice the customer if they would need a solar system or if they would have to change their energy lifestyle ” icon_5=”mk-li-notepad” title_5=”Test” animation=”left-to-right”][mk_steps title=”Installation” step=”5″ hover_color=”#1e73be” icon_1=”mk-li-notepad” title_1=”Site Inspection ” desc_1=”Once you give the go ahead ,we will have a CEC approved installer visit the site to discuss the layout of the panels and the electrical wiring ” icon_2=”mk-li-notepad” title_2=”Installation ” desc_2=”Our CEC approved installer will complete the solar system installation ” icon_3=”mk-li-notepad” title_3=”System Inspection ” desc_3=”We like to ensure that our installation is a 100% and so have a CEC approved Electrical Inspector visit the site and ensure everything is in order ” icon_4=”mk-li-notepad” title_4=”Switch on the Savings ” icon_5=”mk-li-notepad” title_5=”After Sales Support ” desc_5=”As proud new owners of your very own solar system , we know our clients will have some queries and questions they would like to ask us about how the system works and how to see it in terms of savings .So for that we usually conduct a 1 ,3 month and 6 month visit so as to ensure that the system is working perfectly and that there is no issues ” animation=”left-to-right”]